Welcome to JBM Labs Inc.

JBM Labs is a full service software development firm supporting small businesses and startups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We specialize in helping businesses build their online web presence, allowing them to reach their full potential by leveraging the latest technologies.

JBM Labs can provide everything that a small or growing business needs to establish or enhance their web presence, including e-commerce, customer relationship management, and communication tools and applications.


Software Development

JBM Labs offers custom software development of web applications to help your business meet its full potential. By leveraging Java/J2EE and LAMP development expertise, we can help you expand the functionality of your site to include technologies such as:

  • Custom or Packaged CRM tools
  • Expand the reach of your customer databases
  • Add communication channels such as forums and blogs
  • SEO and web analytics consulting to help you understand how customers are using your site

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