Introducing JBM Labs Inc.

February 29, 2008

Our Mission…
JBM Labs’ mission is to facilitate the success of your online presence. By specializing in web application design and implementation, we help you bring sophistication and ease of use to your online brand. Better applications, mean better customer communication and interaction, which translates into customer loyalty and increased business!
Often times this means adopting new methods and technologies that are outside the comfort zone of many small business owners.
What We Do….
JBM Labs was created to help businesses understand and make the best use of what the latest technology has to offer. Whether this means setting up new ways to communicate with customers, such as blogs or social networks, optimizing your website’s search-ability so customers can easily find you, or designing on online shopping experience, we bring the expertise and experience to make these tools a reality.
A Little About US…
Bryan McCormick is Lead Engineer for JBM Labs. He has been living and working as a software professional in the San Francisco Bay Area since early 2000. His past experience includes Engineering Manager / Lead Engineer at Webshots, one of the worlds largest photo sharing sites and Director of Engineering at YouService LLC, where he created a distributed consumer address book application.
We are excited to help you solve a problem we have seen many small business owners face. You can’t be an expert at everything, but we can help you stay technologically relevant in an ever changing, ever evolving marketplace. Contact us now for a free consultation!