Google opens up website optimizer

April 17, 2008

Google’s Website Optimizer has just been released to the wide public and it looks like a great tool for doing optimization testing of a website. You can use this tool to setup multiple different versions of text, images, or even entire pages and then allow certain percentages of traffic see the different versions. To determine which works best you set up a measurable goal, this can be a link to that needs to be clicked, or that a user has spent a certain amount of time on a page. The application will then track all of the different combinations and how your users reacted and determine if the changes are positive, negative, or no change.
A good website should never be static as there are always things that can be updated and improved. One of the main issues historically, was to determine if the changes that you were making were having a positive effect. With Google Website Optimizer you can now do very scientific tests and get a real world determination on whether you’re moving in the right direction.